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Fairmont Information

Fairmont Information


Fairmont has a dedicated and well trained group of individuals serving the community.

Full Time Officers:

Chief Michael Hunter

Chief Hunter is a native of St Paul, Minnesota.  He attended Rosemount Senior High School and holds a BA in Criminal Justice from the University of St. Thomas.  Chief Hunter came to Fairmont in 1998 after serving in various law enforcement capacities since 1993 with the cities of Madelia, Burnsville and Minneapolis Police Departments.  In Fairmont he has served as a Patrol Officer, DARE Officer, School Resource Officer, Drug Interdiction Resource Team Member, Field Training Officer, Field Training Program Supervisor, Department Training Coordinator, Professional Standards Investigator, and Pre-Employment Background Investigator.  He is also a member of the regional Emergency Response Unit (HEAT), in which he has served as an entry team member and now currently serves as a Crisis Negotiator. Chief Hunter lives in Fairmont with his family and is proud of his officers and the community they serve. mhunter@fairmont.org

Lieutenant Del Ellis

Lieutenant Ellis began working for the Fairmont Police Department in 1994. Lieutenant Ellis has worked toward department goals in various capacities and is proud to be part of such a noble profession. Email: dellis@fairmont.org

Detective Eric Tonder

Detective Tonder was hired as a Patrolman with the Fairmont Police Department in 1997.  He was promoted to Sergeant in 2000 and in 2003 promoted to his current position of Detective. Detective Tonder has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and has received training in several specialties some of which include; High Tech Criminal Forensic Computer Investigations, Seized Computer Evidence Recovery, Advanced Latent Prints, Crime Scene Evaluation and Processing, Death Scene Investigation, Internal Affairs Investigations, Advanced Interview and Interrogation, Advanced Statement Analysis and Child Abuse Forensic Interviewing. Detective Tonder supervises Fairmont’s Predatory Offender Registration Compliance and has served as a Drug Recognition Expert (DRE). Det Tonder is also our use of force instructor and firearms instructor. Email: etonder@fairmont.org

Sergeant Kevin Kelly

Sergeant Kelly lived in rural Lake Crystal until he graduated High School. He moved to Mankato where he managed a Service Station for 8 years. He then moved to California for two years where his interest in law enforcement peaked and he returned to Minnesota to start his college education. He received a A.A. degree in Law Enforcement, a B.S. Degree in Public Administration with a Speech Communications Minor. He worked for several agencies while attending college to gain experience before becoming full-time. He was hired by the Fairmont Police Department in 1993 and moved into the D.A.R.E. Officer Position shortly after. He was then promoted to Sergeant and serves on different committees within the department. Email: Kkelly@fairmont.org

Sergeant James Kotewa

Sergeant Kotewa is a native of Fairmont.  He attended Fairmont High School and holds a Bachelors Degree in law enforcement from Mankato State University.  Sergeant Kotewa became a full-time Patrolman in 1997 after having worked part-time as a Bike Patrol Officer, Patrolman, and Animal Control Officer.  He also worked as a part-time patrolman in Truman and for the Sherburn/Welcome Police Department. In Fairmont he served as a Narcotic Agent assigned to the Drug Task Force from 1998 to 2000. He was promoted to Detective in 2000 and became a Sergeant in 2003. Sgt. Kotewa is a Pre-employment Background Investigator and has been trained in Advanced Latent Prints, Crime Scene Evaluation and Processing, Death Scene Investigation, Advanced Interview and Interrogation, and Child Abuse Forensic Interviewing.  Sergeant Kotewa is a United States Department of Justice certified Clandestine Methamphetamine Laboratory Technician & site safety officer. Sgt Kotewa is also part of our emergency management team. Email: jkotewa@fairmont.org

Sergeant Chad Sanow

Sergeant Sanow graduated from High School in Jasper, Minnesota in 1993. He attended Willmar Community College where he received a degree in Criminal Justice. He then attended Alexandria Technical College for the Law Enforcement Skills program.  His first part-time law enforcement job was with Tyler Police Department. A short time later Officer Sanow became employed part-time with other agencies including Balaton Police Department, Marshall Police Department, Lyon County Sheriff’s Department, and Minneota Police Department. In October 1997, Officer Sanow began working full time with the Watonwan County Sheriff’s Department. He was given the opportunity to become a K-9 Handler in 1999 after raising the money to begin the program. In April 2004, He was hired full time for the Fairmont Police Department along with his K-9 partner “Chase”.  Officer Sanow also formerly served several years as K-9 handler for the Fairmont Police Department with his now retired K-9 partner "Jango". Sergeant Sanow currently supervises the Field Training Officer program for new hires.  Email: csanow@fairmont.org

Officer Brad Buhmann

Officer Buhmann is a native of Fairmont Minnesota.  He graduated from Fairmont Senior High School and later attended Mankato State University where he obtained a degree in Criminal Justice.  He then attended Hibbing Technical College and completed the state skills program.  He has had previous law enforcement experience with the City of Truman Police Department.  Officer Buhmann has been with the Fairmont Police Department since 1992.   He was a former K-9 Officer with his partner Daegan for five years and has also served as a Crime Prevention Officer.  He is a Certified Gunsmith currently assigned as the Firearms Armorer for the department specializing in Glock handguns, Remington shotguns, and Colt rifles. Email: bbuhmann@fairmont.org

Officer Bryan Boltjes

Officer Boltjes grew up in Worthington, Minnesota.  He attended Range Technical College in Hibbing where he obtained his AAS degree in Law Enforcement.  In 1995 he started his Law Enforcement career with the Ivanhoe Police Department and has also had experience with the cities of Lake Benton and Lakefield Police Departments.  In 1996 he began working for the Jackson Police Department.  While with Jackson, Officer Boltjes was assigned to the regional Emergency Response Unit (HEAT) and served as the department’s canine handler. In 2001, Officer Boltjes began working for the Fairmont Police Department. Officer Boltjes served as a canine handler from 2001-2008 with the Fairmont Police Department.  He has also served on the regional Emergency Response Unit (HEAT), the local Drug Interdiction Resource Team (DIRT), Uniform and Equipment Committee, and the Justice Council.  He currently serves as a patrolman. Email: bboltjes@fairmont.org

Officer Shannon Bass

Officer Bass has been a patrol officer with the Fairmont Police Department since 2001. He was born and raised in Worthington, MN. He attended college at Worthington Community College and then attended Alexandria Technical College where he received his degree in Law Enforcement.  Officer Bass started his law enforcement career with the Nobles County Sheriff’s Office where he was employed as a Correctional Officer for one year. He was then hired as a deputy for the Martin County Sheriff’s Office in 1997 and served there for four years. Officer Bass has several years of previous experience with the regional Emergency Response Unit (HEAT). He serves with the crime prevention program and the Martin County Beyond the Yellow Ribbon program. Email: sbass@fairmont.org

Officer Jaime Bleess

Officer Bleess has served the Fairmont Police Department since 2003 and was the School Resource Officer for several years. Officer Bleess currently serves as a Patrolman. As an avid fisherman and pheasant hunter, Officer Bleess enjoys living in the Fairmont area. Email: jbleess@fairmont.org

Officer James Tietje

Officer Tietje attended Alexandria Technical College and received his Associate of Applied Science Degree in Law Enforcement.  After graduating from college in the spring of 2002, he started his law enforcement career working bike patrol for the City of Fairmont.  While working bike patrol for Fairmont he was hired as a part-time officer for the City of Truman.  After approximately one year in Truman, James was hired by the City of Fairmont.  He has been with the Fairmont Police Department since December 2003. Officer Tietje is a certified Drug Recognition Evaluator (DRE). He has taken extensive training to increase his knowledge in detecting and apprehending drug impaired drivers. His job is to assist other police officers in removing drug impaired drivers from our streets. James is currently assigned to the regional Emergency Response Unit (HEAT) and is Field Training Officer. Email: jtietje@fairmont.org

 Officer Craig Fowler

Officer Fowler has been serving Fairmont since October 2004.  He is originally from the Fairmont area and graduated from the Fairmont High School in 2001.  He attended Alexandria Technical College in Alexandria where he obtained his AAS Degree in Law Enforcement in 2003.  He first worked in the City of Trimont and then for the City of Truman as a patrol officer before coming to work for the Fairmont Police Department in October 2004 as the Animal Control /Code Enforcement Officer. In May 2007 he was promoted to patrol officer. Officer Fowler coordinates the Citizens On Patrol (C.O.P.) program and is a Field Training Officer. Email: cfowler@fairmont.org

Officer Dustin Schwebke

Officer Schwebke grew up in Colorado and moved to Fairmont in 1995. He graduated from Fairmont High School in 2000. Dustin attended South Central Technical College in Mankato in the Paramedic program. After graduating from SCTC he became interested in a career in law enforcement. He then attended Riverland Community Technical College in Austin, MN and graduated with an AAS degree in law enforcement. He completed the skills course in Hibbing and was hired as the Animal Control Officer in Fairmont in August, 2007. Please call or email Dustin with any of your questions or concerns when it comes to animal control or city code enforcement. Email: dschwebke@fairmont.org

Officer Mike Beletti

Officer Beletti grew up in Chaska, MN. He graduated from Chaska High School and later attended Alexandria Technical College where he obtained an AAS in Law Enforcement. Officer Beletti began his law enforcement career in 2009 with the City of Winnebago, MN.  He worked part time for a short time in Fairmont before being hired full time with the City of Fairmont in 2014. Beletti is the coordinator for the TZD (Towards Zero Deaths) program and is a Field Training Officer. Officer Beletti enjoys spending his free time outdoors with his family and friends. Email: mbeletti@fairmont.org

Officer Lily Paine

Officer Paine grew up in Savage, MN and graduated from Burnsville High School. She attended Minnesota State University in Mankato and graduated with a BS Degree in Law Enforcement. Officer Paine began her law enforcement career in 2015 with the City of Madelia, MN before being hired in Fairmont in April 2016. Email: lpaine@fairmont.org 
Part Time Officers

Officer Chris Gerhardt

Officer Gerhardt was has worked part-time for the Fairmont Police Department since 2014. He and his wife make their home in Fairmont.  Email: cgerhardt@fairmont.org

Records Personnel

Renae Janssen

Renae joined the Fairmont Police Department in 1989. Email; rjanssen@fairmont.org

Tegan Quade

Tegan joined the Fairmont Police Department in 2010. Email: tquade@fairmont.org