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Fairmont Information

How Our Police Department Works

Position Descriptions

We would like you to learn more about the Fairmont Police and the individual positions that help make our agency successful.  To find out detailed information, click on the links below.


The sergeants are uniformed patrol supervisors who are responsible overseeing the daily activities of the Fairmont Police Department.

Position Description: Sergeant Division

Detective Division

The Fairmont Police Department maintains one Detective within the department. His focus is primarily on felony level investigations ranging from white collar crimes to death investigations.

Position Description: Detective Division

Narcotics Interdiction

The Fairmont Police Department works very hard to keep illegal drugs off our streets. Our goal is to not only arrest and prosecute drug offenders, but also try and help people in our community from being brought down by the troubles illegal drugs can bring.

Position Description: Narcotics Resource/Interdiction

Crime Prevention

The Crime Prevention Division works with businesses and residents in the community on ways they can reduce their chance of becoming a victim of crime.

Position Description: Crime Prevention Division

School Resource Officer

The School Resource Officer serves as a liaison between the Fairmont Police Department and the Fairmont Area Schools, including the teachers, administration, students, and families in the district.

Position Description: SRO

Animal Control/Code Enforcement

The Fairmont Animal Control/ Code Enforcement Officer responds to calls in the city limits of Fairmont for such things as animal neglect, dogs running at large, dog bites and attacks, and barking dogs.

Position Description: Animal Control/Code Enforcement