Fairmont Police Department




Subject: Stolen Mail Press Release


            On the morning of May 17th the Fairmont Police Department received several reports of stolen mail.  It appears that during the night someone had removed mail from several mail boxes.  They opened some of the mail in attempt to look for US Currency.  Graduation cards to be mailed from residential mail boxes were of particular interest.  This happened in several locations throughout town. 


The Fairmont Police Department suggests the following tips to help prevent any loss when sending your important mail items.  


1)  Take your mail directly to the Post Office or a postal mailbox for extra security. 

2)  Place your mail in your mail box a few hours prior to the carrier arriving to pick it up.  Leaving your mail in your mailbox over night increases the risk of theft. 

3)  Use a check or money order instead of using cash.   Be specific in your check details including the memo line. 

4)  Keep an eye out to protect you or another.  Citizens know their neighbors.  If you see something suspicious call the Fairmont Police Department immediately.     

5)  If you have information about anyone committing this or any other crime, call the Fairmont Police Department and report your concern.   Many times your observations help us solve an issue.